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Book of my selected works finally published

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In Marine Corps boot camp, if you are ordered, for whatever reason, to see the DI you knock LOUD. Then the DI says “ENTER!”

On the porch of our house this mat is what you see at the front door.

When you enter our house you don’t get the Marine Corps slogan: “Duty, God, Country”.

You don’t get JFK’s evil idea: “…ask not what your country can do for you—ask what you can do for your country.” Like what? To go to Vietnam? How is it that Kennedy, a Democrat, got us into that war, and it became a Republican war?

No, this is our welcome mat. Here you’ll be offered the secular Marine Corps slogan: “Honor, Courage, Commitment”.


And welcome aboard.

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Living in the 1950’s



Camera: Canon EOS XTi
October 25, 2007

A corner in my house that tells a story. This is the kind of wonderful way life was in the 1950’s.

The milk-man would drive his truck up to our house and leave a bottle of milk. Along the way, someone might stop him to buy a bottle or a case of milk. He’d stop and help put the milk in the buyer’s car.

This is a 1950 Borden’s Milk truck. The car is a 1940 Ford.

Everyone was nice to one another.

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“I wanted to share with you what we saw in Washington DC last week. We toured the Mall and made the usual stops at the WWII Memorial, the Wall, Lincoln Memorial, etc.

“At the Vietnam Wall we saw something unbelievable. We noticed three small index cards at the base of the Wall.

“I knelt down for a closer look and noticed that a 4-star general’s rank was pinned to each card.

“The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs had laid down his rank for his boys who died in Nam.

“Oct 1 was the day he stepped down as Chairman.”



If you can’t read it here’s what General Pace wrote on October 1, 2007:

1 OCT 2007


And he signed it Pete Pace.

What is the significance of this?

General Peter Pace was a junior officer in Vietnam when one of his men, Lance Corporal Guido Farinaro, was killed in battle. Some 40 years later General Pace still remembers. And he honors the memory of this individual to this day. He awards his four stars as a tribute to a fallen enlisted man.

It seems somewhat obscene to make a comparison, but it must be done. Senator John Kerry threw his almost certainly unearned ribbons and medals over a wall in 1972 in protest against–when it comes right down to the truth–individual men such as Guido Farinaro, and Peter Pace.

There are great men. And there are small men.

General Pace is a giant among us.

See One Less Good Man

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Happy Birthday “Atlas Shrugged”



I’m happy to offer Ayn Rand’s favorite color in this simple graphic commemorating her monumental achievement in creating the greatest book ever written.


Happy Birthday Atlas Shrugged!

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Sign of the Dollar

Dollar Sign
Graphic by Robert Tracy

From The Wall Street Journal
Story by Melik Kaylan

Mikheil Saakashvili is the American educated, pro-free-market…President of Georgia, the former Soviet Republic.

Saakashvili is delivering a speech to Georgian businessmen:

“The Government is going to help you in the best way possible, by doing NOTHING for you, by getting out of your way…of course, we will provide infrastructure [presumably this means a military, police and courts–Saakashvili is no anarchist], and help by getting rid of corruption, but you have succeeded by your own initiative and enterprise, so you should congratulate yourselves.”

When Saakashvili flies over Western Europe–and now Georgia–and sees perfectly cultivated fields he calls it the “aesthetic look of the Free Market”.

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Jonathan Hoenig

Johathan Hoenig
Illustration by Carl Green

Fox’s Cost of Freedom broadcast on Saturday (9/01). The subject was government regulation of what people eat. Jonathan Hoenig is no PC guy at all. He said that obesity is an achievement in the history of man because over the centuries and eons mankind has had the opposite problem: starvation.

Then Jonathan enjoyed some Kentucky Fried Chicken on camera!

The topic came to the usual PC BS on smoking bans in bars and restaurants.

Jonathan lit up a cigarette on national TV!

This is a delightful way to make a principled stance on these issues.

Congrats to Jonathan and what a breath of fresh air!

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