Profession: Master Artist

Married 37 years.

2 daughters: Gretchen, 37. Heather, 34.

2 grandchildren: Dominic, 15. Francesca, 12.

2 years and 40 days in Vietnam with the Marines.

Current Age: 58
Current Residence: USA, Indiana
Interests: Computer Graphics
Favourite movie: “Love Letters” (1945) and “The Wind” (1928)
Favourite genre of music: Classical, The Beatles, some Country.
Favourite artist: Raphael
Favourite poet or writer: Poet: Kipling. Writer: Ayn Rand.
Favourite style or digital art: 19th Century Romantic Art
Operating System: Mac OS X and Windows XP Pro
Favourite game: Stratego: a board game.
Favourite cartoon character: Frank Mellish from Liberty Meadows
Personal Quote: Never think of pain or danger or enemies a moment longer than is necessary to fight them. –Ayn Rand
Tools of the Trade: Most media except pen and ink.

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