In Marine Corps boot camp, if you are ordered, for whatever reason, to see the DI you knock LOUD. Then the DI says “ENTER!”

On the porch of our house this mat is what you see at the front door.

When you enter our house you don’t get the Marine Corps slogan: “Duty, God, Country”.

You don’t get JFK’s evil idea: “…ask not what your country can do for you—ask what you can do for your country.” Like what? To go to Vietnam? How is it that Kennedy, a Democrat, got us into that war, and it became a Republican war?

No, this is our welcome mat. Here you’ll be offered the secular Marine Corps slogan: “Honor, Courage, Commitment”.


And welcome aboard.

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  1. Got a cold brewski, brother?

    Semper Fidelis,

  2. What’s your favorite MSgt Mark? I’ll have one for you.

    If the liquor store doesn’t carry it, we can hit Chumley’s. http://indianabeer.com/events/07/chumleys07.html

    My guess is they’ll have it.

    Just swing by anytime Marine and we’ll have a cold one.

    Semper Fi!


  3. I appreciate your slogan so much better. A nation built on liberty should shun concepts that incorporate slavery. Slaves and Masters. How much better to have the courage and commitment to cooperate with those who honor their word.

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