Portrait of the Artist’s Wife


Portrait of the Artist’s Wife

Oils on linen

16 x 20″



I’ve published a book of 70 of my works, 15 drawings and 55 paintings. Keep updated at “Art of Robert Tracy”. Soon you’ll be able to purchase the book. I’ll let you know.

My wife was 34 when I made this painting of her. Last Sunday was our 38th Wedding Anniversary. Today she looks the same as she did then. Today, as in 1984, she still looks to me as she did when I met her when she was 15, and I was barely 17.

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  1. A beautiful portrait Robert. Your love for her is evident in the many comments you write of her. She must be a wonderful person and I am glad life remains young in your relationship. I am particularly enamored with your depiction of her eyes and mouth. The back lit pose is excellent.

  2. You know the “benevolent universe” premise of Ayn Rand. This is my wife’s fundamental sense of life. I did sense this in her from the start, but over 38 years it’s no longer a sense–it’s an existent I recognize with certainty. Thus the unlocked door and the radiant smile to greet the day, the visitor, the world.

    Thank you Gordon, my friend, for seeing this.

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