Paula was a fabricator of facts. She hated reality, living in a world that was never dull. A tall tale, to her, was better then telling the factual truth, besides it was more fun.

Some of us remember the funny story, mostly told to kids, that she was really a Mermaid, keeping her tail in a box, only taking it out when she wanted to go for a swim.

One could talk to her about any subject, hearing her ideas, mostly made up creations, that would leave a person in wonder. She was very convincing, forcing a listener to doubt he ever knew what the true facts were!!

She did not care to be an example for others to follow, however, she was.

Paula’s legacy is one of individualism and independence.

She stated, not in words, but in a life style that was: Never be like others to please anyone; be fearless to do what you want to do; live for enjoyment; never fear illness or dying, only think of living; never work just for money and security, because it is the ruination of one’s freedom and happiness, she hardly ever worked for anyone, but rather, lived by her wits always having enough money to travel the world; always look in the mirror to make sure you are what you want to be, it is important to always be Paula; if you are not great, act as if you are; always dress as if you are going to meet the Queen; and, don’t waste money on trivial things, money is to be used for great endeavors like going to Japan or buying a mansion, never buy a newspaper when one can find one for nothing.

Now, Paula has gone to get her Mermaids tail.

Marvin Steel
Oil Sketch
12 x 16″

Tribute and painting by Marvin Steel

Post Script:

I didn’t know who Paula was, so I wrote back to Marvin. This was his answer:

I took it for granted that everyone knew this was my Mother. This statement was read at the funeral, no clergy invited. Her name was Paula Shubow, like shoe bow.

The funeral started with a loud Hip Hip Hooray and ended that way.

My Mother would have loved what I said. She was one in a million. She had red hair and walked in her high heels until she was ninety two.

It will take time for me to realize the extent of the loss.

The painting is very rough and fast, we laughed through the entire hour. At least I caught some of the fun we had.

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